Plastic bird spikes

96.60 грн.

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Purpose: control of medium-sized birds - starlings, pigeons, crows, blackbirds. With UV protection.

The bird spike is the best mean of bird control on our windowsills, balconies, eaves, etc. An effective device is practically invisible, but the results of its use are very visible. Birds will not be able to perch where the bird spike is installed. The bird spike, invisible from a distance, does not spoil the appearance of the room at all, but the birds, trying to sit down, feel slight "discomfort". Bird spikes can be installed on attics, balconies, roofs, eaves, terraces, garages, windowsills, monuments, etc.

Additional information: Resistant to rain, snow, heat, wind. Does not require special maintenance and connection to the power grid. You can install the bird spikes yourself.

Manufacturer: Portugal.

Overall dimensions: 500*120*120mm.

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