Muscablue - granular fly bait

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Granular fly bait "Muscablue".


Granular insecticidal bait for controlling various types of flies in residential and non-residential premises, food industry and trade facilities.

Composition of the product, wt. %: Acetamiprid (0.5%), pheromone (Z)-9-tricosene 0.06%, denatonium benzoate and excipients up to 100%.

Method of action:

The "Muscablue" bait effectively attracts flies thanks to a pheromone and a food attractant. The bait also contains acetamiprid, which acts after entering the digestive system and affects the central nervous system of the fly. The fly stops feeding and quickly dies. Acetamiprid is a substance from the group of neonicotinoids, a new group of insecticides , which are fundamentally different from FOS, pyrethroids, carbamates. Characterized by gastric, contact and systemic actions. The product contains denatonium benzoate, a bitter substance that prevents children and animals from accidentally eating the drug.


First method: To kill flies, granules are laid out on hard carriers (thick paper, cardboard, plastic) at the rate of 2.5 g per 1 carrier per 1 square meter. They are placed in places with the greatest concentration of flies.

Second method: granules can be moistened with water and applied to places where flies may land: frame joints, door partitions, windows, as well as warm and sunny indoor surfaces (window frames, door frames, etc.). It is possible to process the external surfaces of various structures (garbage chambers, tubs, waste bins, etc.)

Advantages of using muskablu fly bait:

- High efficiency;

- Long residual effect (up to 1 month);

- Works even at high temperatures;

- No strong odor, does not damage the surface being treated (equipment, furniture, floor);

- Convenient form of the drug and low usage rate;

- No special equipment required

  Duration of validity 1 month.

  Manufacturer: Blue Line LLC, Forli, Italy.

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