Liquidator glue trap-house against cockroaches and ants

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Liquidator glue trap-house against cockroaches and ants (does not contain chemicals, insecticides and rodenticides)

The glue trap-house is a universal and effective tool for detecting and catching cockroaches, ants, and other crawling insects. The trap is environmentally safe. To attract pests, the adhesive base contains a small amount of attractant.

The trap is made in the form of a hut.

Glue traps must be checked every day. The trap must be installed in places that are inaccessible to children and animals. Avoid getting water, garbage, sunlight on the glue trap.


For professional and household use. It is allowed to use in premises where the use of poison is prohibited or undesirable.

Calculation of 2-4 traps per 10 m2.

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Country of manufacture: Ukraine.

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