Glue trap against cockroaches and other crawling insects (non-poisonous)

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Glue trap against cockroaches and other crawling insects (non-poisonous).

Application: detection and capture of insect pests (cockroaches, ants).

We recommend placing one trap per 10-15 square meters. Glue traps must be checked every day. It is necessary to place the trap in places where cockroaches and ants congregate (under batteries,  in buckets near garbage, under the stove, near walls, near pipes).

Glue trap is a convenient and proven mean of protection against cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects.

Purpose: for various objects, for household and professional use, including in the field of disinsection in residential and non-residential premises, food industry, restaurant business, catering establishments, medical and preventive and educational establishments, communal facilities, warehouses and others.

Additional information: The advantage of the glue trap from cockroaches is the presence of improved English hot glue, which does not dry for a long time and works at a temperature of 5-500C. The trap does not lose its effectiveness for 90 days.

Size: 17.5*9 cm.

Country of manufacture: Ukraine.

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