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Glory to Ukraine! We are working in wartime.

Official distributor of the Detia Degesch Group (Germany)

The professional company for the public health pest management.

Desinsection of wooden houses, furniture and other products from beetle grinders, cough, bark beetles, termites

We are pleased to offer you services for desinsection of wood, namely wooden houses, furniture, parquet and wood products with the help of thermal panels.

Thermal panels are a natural solution in the fight against xylophages at all stages of development for any type of wood.

The new unique technology involves the use of radiant heat in the far infrared range. Far-infrared waves emitted by each panel penetrate the surface of the wood and directly affect the protein cells of insects, causing their death by dehydration. Such radiation is 100% safe for objects. Thermal panels are 6 flexible panels that adapt to any shape by wrapping around an object, or by connecting to cover large surfaces. The panels can be fixed to various wooden structures with screws, tapes, ropes, etc.

In contrast to chemical treatment of wood, thermal panels are a means of pest control that does not damage the treated items and does not require prior preparation (removal of varnish from wood) for its application.

Тепловые панели SamitechPortable and flexible wood heat treatment

Fully modular thermal panels that are easily adapted depending on the needs of use:

Use far-infrared waves to control pests by dehydration without damaging the processed items.

 Houses  Carpets  Wooden floor  Furniture 

 Doors  Windows  Stairs  Columns 

 Bookstores  Shelves

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