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Glory to Ukraine! We are working in wartime.

Official distributor of the Detia Degesch Group (Germany)

The professional company for the public health pest management.

The desinsection services – bedbugs, fleas and other insects with the heat bulb

The company "Spetstechnologiya Ukraine" offers a new effective processing solution that allows heat treatment of any object in hotels, homes and offices. The heating bulb helps to fight against bedbugs, bedbugs, worms, moths, termites and other xylophages, mites, fungi ... almost any type of insect. Far-infrared waves emitted by each panel penetrate the surface of the wood and directly affect the protein cells of insects, causing their death by dehydration. Such radiation is 100% safe for objects.

The heating bulb is made of light and flexible material, which acts as a heat reflector and insulating material. Six heating panels located on the inside of the awning generate heat in the far infrared range, which kills insects by destroying their protein molecules.

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