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Disinfection services

Disinfection - is the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in the human environment. The purpose of disinfection or decontamination is to destruct only pathogenic microorganisms, but not all the microorganisms in general.

The methods of disinfection are physical, chemical, biological, and combined.

Physical methods add up to usage of mechanical, thermal and irradiating means of the microbial cell influence.

Mechanical means are cleaning, filtration, wet scavenging, laundry, shaking out, etc. With this means, many things and surfaces are freed up from dust, dirt, as well as a significant amount of microorganisms. Thermal and irradiating means include the use of high and low temperatures, diverse antibacterial ray irradiation, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) current as well as superhigh frequency (SHF) irradiation, radioactive irradiation, dehumidification and other means, which under certain parameters have a detrimental effect on microorganisms.

Chemical methods of disinfection:

    The action mechanism of the disinfectants consists of:
  1. Interaction between the disinfectant and microbial cells, as well as with its environment
  2. Penetration
  3. Interaction between the disinfectant and cell constituents
    The circumstances of the disinfectants' use are taken into account in every particular case, namely:
  • disinfection type
  • treated surfaces or instruments nature
  • adequacy of disinfectant antimicrobial action to microorganisms spectrum
  • organic surface contamination presence
  • disinfectant physical-chemical properties
  • disinfectant method of application
  • exposure time (delay time)
  • disinfectant and constructional materials compatibility (to prevent both damage to the latter and new harmful compounds formation)

    Disinfection services can be carried out in one of the following ways:
  • Irrigating premises surfaces, equipment, furniture, vehicles with the disinfectant process solution using hydraulic sprayers or other disinfection equipment;
  • Applying spray on premises surfaces, equipment, furniture and vehicles with sanitizer sprayer;
  • Decontaminating sealed compartments using disinfectant aerosols;
  • Wiping furniture surfaces, equipment, toys, medical devices using rag thoroughly soaked in disinfectant process solution;
  • Submersing utensils, linens, toys, medical devices into the disinfectant process solution;
  • Filling up secretions, food residues, waste facilities with sanitizers that are produced in the form of powders or granules;
  • Treating clothes, shoes, linen, soft toys, etc. with formaldehyde air disinfectant dispersion inside disinfection cabinets;
  • Applying volumetric method, i.e. complete filling of process reservoirs, pipelines or utility lines with disinfectant process solution;
  • Applying circulation method to pipelines, utility lines, water-supply pipeline networks and sewerage facilities;
  • Dissolving powder or liquid disinfectants in water wells, swimming pools and artificial reservoirs.

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