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Sales Department: (044) 483-63-92, 483-91-34

Official distributor of the Detia Degesch Group (Germany)

Partners / Clients of the company "Spetstechnologia"

“Detia Degesch GmbH“ (Germany) - fumigants Phostoxin, Magtoxin, Degesch Plates / Strips

“PlastDiversity” (Portugal) - bait containers

“Octavius ​​Hunt ltd” (England) - smoke generators (checkers) Cypex and Actellic

“Bleu Line SRL” (Italy) - insecticides

“UPL” (India) - insecticides, gas analyzers

”Tae Il Company” (South Korea) - foggers

”Kukbo Science” (South Korea) - insecticides

”Zhejiang Bestwin Group Limited” (China) - adhesive traps for rodents and cockroaches

”Agro-China” (China) - insecticides

Our partners and customers are also:

- company Cargill

- Limagrain company

- company Glencore

- National Bank of Ukraine

- LLC Yupeko-Ukraine Pest Control

- Goverla enterprise

- LLC Sedna-Agro

- firm "Eridon"

- company "Agrosvit"

- company "Agrohim"

- company "Privat - Alliance"

- LLC "Spetspektor"

- company "Kres"

- LLC "Agrohim Center"

- company "Ukragroservice"


as well as partners of our Company are disinfection enterprises of all regions of Ukraine, enterprises and firms working in the field of production and trade in plant protection products, fumigation teams of Ukraine.