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Glory to Ukraine! We are working in wartime.

Official distributor of the Detia Degesch Group (Germany)

The professional company for the public health pest management.


To any region of Ukraine


  • Pickup from the office - Kiev, Degtyarevskaya 25/1 from Monday to Thursday from 9 to 17, Friday from 9 to 16. Dial by phone before arriving, please.


  • Delivery can be carried out by any delivery service Nova Poshta, Ukrpost, Delivery, Justin
  • Goods will be sent at 100% prepayment!
  • Payment for the delivery of the goods is carried out by the client on the tariffs of the selected service.
  • Sending is carried out daily, except weekends.
  • All orders that paid before 14.00 are sent day a day after registration and coordination of the order. Orders paid after 14.00 depart on the next working day after order's confirmation.
  • ATTENTION! The parcel is in the 5 working days office, after that returns back!
  • when ordering goods in bulk (from pallets) we will help to organize delivery to the warehouse using the services of our partner transport companies


  • Cash at the office. You can pay in cash at the point of delivery when you receive your pre-arranged order. We are located at Kiev, Degtyarevskaya 25/1. We will be happy to wait for you at the office.
  • Bank transfer for individuals and legal entities. Payment is made on receipt for individuals, through any branch of the bank that accepts payments from individuals, or on the invoice for legal entities.
  • To the PrivatBank card. Check with the manager at the time of the order.