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Vetobrom (bromadiolone 0.25%), 1 liter.

Liquid concentrate for professional use, a mean for the preparation of bait.

Purpose: Control of gray and black rats, mice, voles.

Method of administration: When ingested, the drug slows blood clotting and also increases the permeability of peripheral blood vessels, which, as a consequence, leads to hemorrhage.

Bromadialon has a pronounced cumulative properties (accumulates in the body), so receiving several small doses over a number of days ensures the death of rodents. Due to the slow action of the drug, rats and mice do not recognize the poison in the bait, which increases the effectiveness of rodent control.

Additional information: 40 kg of poisonous bait is obtained from 1 liter of preparation, which is sufficient for processing 1000-3000 m2 of territory, depending on the degree of occupation of the object by rodents.

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