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Stop Cockroach - gel content of syringe 35 grams. The gel contains food breaks that cockroaches love. Cockroaches eat the gel due to the effect of a highly effective component - fipronil, the effect is on their nervous system, and they die within three hours. One package of gel is enough for three treatments of a room with an area of 15 square meters. m. The effect can last up to 2 months after treatment.

Intended for the destruction of synotropic insects.

How to use: remove the protective cap. Apply the product in drops at a distance of 20-50 cm from each other in the places where cockroaches live or move (over plinths, over water pipes, near the trash can, behind the refrigerator, etc.). With a high number of insects, the distance between the gel drops can be shortened.

To avoid stains, the gel can be applied to a piece of paper or polymer film. After use, close the syringe with a cap. It is recommended to apply the gel on a dry surface in places inaccessible to children and pets.

Processing should be carried out in the absence of children and pets. Avoid getting the product in the mouth, eyes and skin. In case of contact with the drug in the eyes and skin, wash thoroughly with water. If it gets into the oral cavity, immediately rinse it with water! If necessary, call emergency doctors.

Store at a temperature from 0 to +30, the shelf life is three years from the date of manufacture.

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