About Us

The company "Spetstechnologia" was founded in 1993.

The advantage of our company are direct deliveries from Europe and China.

We are a representative of one of the largest international companies operating in the market of PEST CONTROL and FUMIGATION: “Detia Degesch GmbH”, “Octavius ​​Hunt”, “Plastdiversity”, “Bleu line SRL”.

For more than 30 years we are the only official distributor of the company ”Detia Degesch GmbH” (Germany) in Ukraine. As a result of such many years of cooperation, the fumigants Phostoxin, Magtoxin, as well as Degesh Plates and Degesh Strips of German production invariably occupy a leading position in the quality of fumigation of grain and other products intended for export and storage in Ukraine. Degesh Plates and Degesh strips are unique products for fumigation of packaged goods and bulk products such as grain, rice, seeds, animal feed, coffee, cocoa, tea, herbs, nuts, cotton, tobacco, flour, spices and chocolate. Phostoxin 45g is an indispensable tool in the fight against moles.

The company "Spetstechnologia" is the official representative of the English company "Octavius ​​Hunt". Actellic-based smoke generators are simply indispensable for the fast and efficient fumigation of empty warehouses and storages.

Collaboration with other international companies guarantees uninterrupted deliveries of plastic bait containers, live traps, insecticidal lamps - indispensable for fulfilling the requirements of the HACCP system in food industry enterprises.

We are also pleased to bring to your attention a unique environmental product for combating mosquitoes Aquatain AMF. The Italian silicone-based preparation is easy to apply to the surface of the pond and guarantees 4 weeks of protection against mosquitoes.

"Spetstechnologia" in 1996 for the first time in Ukraine registered the production and use of a pesticide on imported raw materials – “Ratindan” rodenticide.

We are very proud of our trademarks: “Ratindan”, “Ratindan-M”, “Vetrobrom” (concentrates for fighting rodents), ready-made baits for fighting rats and mice “Ratid-1” and “Ratid-2” (cereals, waxed briquettes, granules). Our preparations have been tested and have been widely used for more than twenty years by the enterprises of preventive disinfection of Ukraine, cleaning companies and other companies working in the field of disinfestation.

The main difference of our trademarks is the quality and availability of a chemical agent (mummifier), which minimizes unpleasant odours and contributes to the rapid drying of the destroyed pest.

Our possibilities:

  • Original goods;
  • Fast shipping;
  • An individual approach to solving your problems;
  • Professional managers;
  • Warranty;
  • Reliable suppliers.

We are always happy to communicate with our customers. If you have any wishes, suggestions, comments regarding the work of our online store - write to us, and we will gratefully take your opinion into account:


Partners / Clients of the company «Spetstechnologia»

"Detia Degesch GmbH", "Octavius Hunt ltd", "Bleu Line SRL", "UPL", "Tae Il Company", "Kukbo Science"

"Cargill", "Limagrain", "Glencore", "Shell" (Ukraine), National Bank of Ukraine, "Yupeko-Ukraine Pest Control", "Sedna-Agro", "Eridon", "Agrosvit", "Agrohim", " Privat - Alliance, Spetsspectr, Agrochem Center, Ukragroservice, Nvk KIN, Tesla Group, Ukrmortransservice, Ukragrohimtrade,

as well as partners of our Company are preventive disinfection enterprises in all regions of Ukraine, enterprises and companies working in the field of production and trade in plant protection products, fumigation teams of Ukraine.

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