"Spetstekhnologia" has been operating on the Ukrainian market for more than 30 years.


Services provided by the company "Special technology:


             Disinfection: Private houses, apartments, offices, administrative and other premises and vehicles.

       Disinsection, we treat: fleas, ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes, bark beetles, flies, wasps, hornets, cockroaches, grinders, cockroaches, moths, ants and spiders.

          Deratization, pest control of mice and rats and prevention of their appearance. The company also provides mole repellence services.

           Fumigation of: warehouses and granaries, wooden products, empty warehouses, food products, tea, tobacco products, nuts, etc.

          A bird control service to prevent birds from entering warehouses and granaries will help to protect grain and grain products.

            Deodorization: apartments, private houses, cottages, educational and medical institutions, children's institutions, catering establishments, cars and other premises.

            Heat treatment is carried out using a heat wrap and heat bulb. Specialists of our company perform the services of pest control: bedbugs, fleas and other insects. They will provide a service for treatment of wooden houses, furniture and other products from ground beetles, chameleons, bark beetles and termites.

Where can you order processing in Ukraine? 

            Our company Special Technology specializes in pest control of any level of complexity. We have more than twenty years of experience.

       During the work, we use certified products and equipment from European manufacturers "Detia Degesch GmbH" (Germany), "Octavius Hunt" (Great Britain), "Blue Line Ltd" (Italy), "Plastdiversity LTD" (Portugal), "Pest Pro Sp z.o.o” (Poland).

            Disinfection is carried out by qualified specialists in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. We are confident in the quality of the work and provide a guarantee. Our employees are annually trained in the safe handling of pesticides and take advanced training courses. The cost depends on the volume and is determined by the sanitary and technical condition of the object, which will be treated. 

Payment for services: 

- Cash and credit cards;

- Bank transfers; 

            Contact us so you can order professional pest control at a favorable price on our website or by phone: (044) 483-31-71, (044) 483-91-34, (050) 501-72-77 (viber), (096) 156-52-17. Our specialists will provide you with a consultation and make an appointment for pest control at a time convenient for you.

Open hours:

: Monday - Friday: from 9:00 to 17:00


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