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  • natural lavender oil: 10g/kg

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Thanks to the use of repellents, you can get rid of rodents without killing them. But as soon as the action ends, there is a danger of their return. We offer you lavender oil repellents that effectively repel field mice and moles.

Application: Make a hole in the ground and put a ball there. The distance between the holes should be about 1 m. After that, close the hole.

Operating principle: Aromatic substances, identical to natural ones, effectively scare away moles.

Recommendation: Lay a protective circle of balls in early spring. The middle row is offset by half a meter and this will create an impenetrable barrier for moles.

As an active substance, the product contains natural lavender oil 10 g / kg, which is impregnated with cellulose cotton balls absorbing the active substance. Cotton balls slowly release the scent of lavender, and it is unpleasant for moles and chases them naturally.

Lavender oil products effectively drive moles off lawns, gardens, and vegetable gardens. These funds can be used throughout the year by private individuals as well.

Active ingredients
natural lavender oil 10g/kg

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