Minitrap is a mechanical mousetrap for mice

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110 mm
50 mm
60 mm

Minitrap is a mechanical mousetrap for mice

     The mouse trap made in Portugal is designed in such a way that the installation is as easy as possible, and the pest rodent gets into it in no time. Bait and place the trap near where burrows, animal tracks, or animal tracks have been observed. This trap can be installed in the Apollo container and secure the process from animals, children, etc.

     Using a mouse trap: A mouse and other rodent trap can be used both indoors and outdoors almost anywhere there is a problem with mice. Extremely strong and simple design makes it a reliable means of catching rodents. Without the use of poisons, biocides and chemicals.


     • easy to install;

     • catches mice that approach the trap from different sides;

     • easy to open;

     • the design of the trap is thought out in such a way that the one who installs it does not injure his fingers;

     • it is possible to install in a container for mice and rats.

     Dimensions: 110x50x60 mm.

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