The best products against pests can be purchased in the online store "Spetstekhnologiya"

            SPETSTECHNOLOGY LLC has been operating on the market for more than 30 years.

            The main advantage of our company is direct deliveries from Europe and China.

            Our company is the only official distributor of fumigants of the company "Detia Degesch GmbH" (Germany) in Ukraine.

            Fumigants are chemicals used in pest control.

           Fumigants: Phostoxin, Magtoxin and Gastoxin have leading positions in the quality of processing of grain, cereals, flour and other products intended for export and storage in Ukraine. They are used for fumigation of silos, warehouses, containers, ship holds, etc. Unlike other fumigants, Magtoxin can be used at low temperatures. The use of these fumigants does not affect the taste and aroma of processed products.

          The most common insects which we can find at our grain storage are: collared weevil, rice weevil, mealybug, short-bearded mealybug, Surinamese mealybug, grain worm, pea weevil, bean weevil, southern collared firefly, as well as numerous quarantine insect species.

          "Degesh Plates" and "Degesh Strips" are unique products for fumigation of packaged goods and bulk products, for example, such as grain, rice, seeds, animal feed, coffee, cocoa and cocoa beans, tea, herbs, nuts, cotton, jute, tobacco, flour, spices, chocolate. There are no phosphide residues in the products after fumigation. Phostoxin 45 grams (75 tablets) is a best product in the pest control of moles. This product is ready for use, does not afferc the soil and plants.

             We also have an ecological product based on lavender oil 10g/kg, which repels field mice and moles - "Molefree".

            "SPETSTECHNOLOGIA" is an official representative of the English company "Octavius Hunt" (Great Britain).

         Smoke generators "Actelic" based on pirimiphos-methyl 22.5% are simply irreplaceable for effective fumigation of empty warehouses, trade, warehouses, elevators and granaries, containers or vans used for transportation, storage of grain and food products. The main advantages of this product are that it does not require special equipment, has a quick effect and a low cost per processed square meter.

           Smoke generators "Cypex" based on Cypermethin 6.75% is intended for pest control of harmful insects (cockroaches, moths, ants, flies, fleas, bugs and flying insects) in various private houses, commercial and industrial premises.

            Another effective product - the insecticide "Microfly" (Italy) based on 10% cypermethrin, which has a long-lasting protective effect. Effective against mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, fleas, ticks, flies, lice, wasps and hornets.

          Granulated fly bait "Muscablu" (Italy) will help in the pest control against various types of flies in residential and non-residential premises, food industry and trade facilities, economic facilities, including household and production and storage facilities, livestock complexes and hotels restaurant industry. The product has high efficiency, long residual effect (up to 1 month), works even at high temperatures, does not have a strong smell, does not damage the treated surface (equipment, furniture, floor), has a convenient form and a low rate of use, does not require special equipment.

            Pay your attention to a unique ecological product for pest control of mosquitoes (Italian production) "Aquatain AMF". The product is safe for humans, fish, animals and vegetation. It has a long-lasting effect, protection against mosquitoes will last for 4 weeks.

           We are pleased to offer "Insecterra" (Italy) in the form of a powder of natural origin against red ticks, bed bugs, etc. The drug is absolutely safe for people, animals and the environment, has high efficiency, no resistance and no smell. Often, one thorough treatment of the room is enough. In case of severe contamination of the premises, re-treatment is possible after 1-2 weeks.

          Italian-made snake repellent based on essential oils can naturally repel snakes and lizards. The repellent protects against vipers, snakes and lizards for a long time in the country, in the garden, in the park, in children's camps, terraces, around the perimeter of the house, everywhere migration routes were present or observed. The product is economical and effective.

         We also have a wide selection of bait boxes produced in Portugal and Poland. The assortment includes large and small containers for rodent baits, plastic and metal live traps, monitoring containers for insects, traps for wasps and hornets. The traps are made of high-quality and resistant plastic. They are stable, have a long service life and can be closed with a key. Traps are intended for catching mice and rats and other rodents in residential and non-residential premises, the food industry, medical and educational institutions, where it is prohibited to carry out extermination by an open method. The main advantages is the ability to control bait eating and reliable protection of the bait placed inside.

Pest control. Rodents.

            Rodenticides are chemicals designed to kill mice and rats. They are used to prevent damage caused by rodents and to protect human and animal health because rodents can carry infections and destroy property.

            Farmers, agriculturists are at the greatest risk, because rodents can cause significant damage and destroy planting material, grain and seedlings.

            If you find such signs of rodents, contact the online store Spetsctechnologia.

            • traces of teeth appeared on things - linen, books, furniture;

            • animal excrement or strong smell of urine;

            • spoiled products: gnawed packages with loose food, spoiled bread, grain, gnawed wires, etc.;

            • characteristic rustling and screeching, which is especially distinctly audible at night.    

             We offer both: concentrates requiring preparation and ready-made preparations are presented.

            In 1996 for the first time in Ukraine, "Spetstechnologia" registered the production and use of  rodenticide "Ratindan", based on diphenacin 0.5%. The product is ready for use. It is used for treatment of rodent burrows.

           We are very proud of our trademarks "Ratindan-M" based on oil solution of diphenacin 0.5%, "Vetobrom" based on bromadiolone 0.25% (concentrates for rodent control). We also have ready-made baits "Ratid-1", "Kotyara" and "Ratid-2" (grain, paraffined briquettes).

            Our preparations have been tested and have been widely used for more than twenty-five years by preventive disinfection enterprises of Ukraine, cleaning companies and other firms working in the field of rodent control. Absolutely all of our ready-made baits contain a mummifier, which leads to the rapid drying of the dead rodent at the beginning of the putrefactive processes, which minimizes unpleasant odors.

Where to buy rodenticides in Ukraine?

            High-quality rodenticides are presented in the online store Spetstechnologia. Effective bait for mice will help to get rid of rodents, save your harvest and property. Rodenticides can be used at home, for pest control in large agricultural farms, enterprises and organizations. Order rodenticide on the website from a proven manufacturer. You can make a purchase yourself on the website, or call us - we will help you place an order. Delivery of goods is possible to all regions of Ukraine by Nova post and Ukr Post, use the payment method convenient for you. When ordering goods in bulk (from a pallet), we will help organize delivery to the warehouse using the services of our partner transport companies.

            The advantages of our rodenticides include:

            - safety for people and domestic animals;

            - efficiency, duration and reliability;

            - lack of habituation to the product and protective reactions in rodents;

            - possibility of use in residential premises and outdoor

            - the use of rodenticides reduce the risk of disease transmission to humans;

            - property protection, rodents can damage property by destroying wires, insulation, wood and products.

           Using our rodenticides can prevent this type of damage. It is important to remember that rodenticides can lead to accidental poisoning, so they should be used with caution and according to the manufacturer's instructions. After choosing the product, you need to properly plan the placement of baits.

            We recommend the use of bait boxes, which can be purchased in our online store, this will facilitate the collection process after deratization and minimize the risks to non-target organisms and help to use the product in an efficient and controlled manner. A correctly selected effective rodenticide is the key to success in the pest control. Also, in our online store, you can buy glue traps that are used in the pest control against mice and cockroaches. Traps are placed in residential and commercial premises, greenhouses and on open ground to protect people and cultivated plants from harmful insects and rodents.

            You can buy plastic spikes made in Portugal and metal spikes made in Poland in our online store for pest control of medium-sized birds (starlings, pigeons, crows and thrushes). Birds will not be able to perch where this equipment is installed. The anti-landing device is installed on attics, balconies, roofs, eaves, terraces, garages, windowsills, monuments, etc.

             You can buy bird spikes from European manufacturers at a favorable price with delivery throughout Ukraine in the Spetstecnologiya online store. We offer high-quality insecticidal lamps against flies and other insects produced in Portugal. They are intended for the pest control of insects in rooms of various purposes, almost everywhere where there are annoying mosquitoes or flies. It is possible to purchase an adhesive plate separately for the lamps. The adhesive plate is replaceable and must be replaced in case of massive insect contamination. The frequency of replacement can be several weeks.

            You can also purchase modern infrared equipment from us: heat bulb and heat wrap. You can request a price from the managers. With the help of infrared equipment, you can make a unique heat treatment against insects. Effective treatment against: bugs, ground beetles, moths, termites, other xylophages, mites, fungi and insects at any stage of their development.

The main reason for choosing the Spetstechnologia online store is more than 30 years of experience.

              Advantages of our online store:

            - A large assortment of original goods from Europe;

            - Fast delivery of goods across Ukraine, self-pickup from the office is possible;

            - Professional managers who will help solve your problems;

            - Low prices;

            - Reliable suppliers.

              If you have any questions, we suggest you consult with our managers by phone at a time convenient for you. In the store catalog on the website, you can order goods wholesale and retail in any quantity.



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