Ferokap adhesive tape

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Ferokap adhesive tape

Purpose: Destruction of the moth. 

Method of action: Pheromones lure moles to adhesive tape.: An effective way of combating dress and food moth. Stops reproduction of moth and protects against its larvae. It has no analogues. Pheromone lure stick is one of the most effective means of fighting the mole in everyday life.

It is recommended to use in closed storage at room temperature. Avoid trapping the traps. If there are 1-2 butterflies in the trap, it is necessary to carefully inspect and sort over food stocks, cereals and pasta, dried fruits, etc. Infected products must be destroyed.

How to use: To get rid of the moth, gently, slowly, in a circular motion, pull the tape from the sleeve by pulling the red thread (before pulling, you can gently squeeze the sleeve in a circle at the place of pulling the tape). Hang the Ferokap tape in the intended place of the moth. Can be hung with a button on the ceiling. It is recommended to change the tape after 5-6 weeks, because after this time the sticky properties of the tape decrease, the pheromone bait is also weathered.

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