Kotyara - grain bait 100g

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Active ingredient: bromadiolone 0.005%.

Packing: 0.1 kg.

 "Kotyara" is a ready-made bait in the form of a free-flowing grain mixture.

Composition: active ingredient - bromadiolone (0.005%), food ingredients, bitterness (bitrex), additives that cause mummification.

"Kotyara" is an effective method for deratization based on bromomadiolone, an anticoagulant of the 2nd generation. Rats and mice do not recognize the poison in the bait and die after 5-10 days. The bait is approved for use by specialists and the public in everyday life, in organizations, institutions, in built-up and undeveloped areas.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: The bait is placed in previously identified rodent habitats along walls, partitions, near burrows, under shelters (cabinets, equipment), in adapted containers or in special containers. It is necessary to lay out the bait by 20-50 g in the case of mice and by 50-100 g in the case of rats every 2-15 meters, depending on the species and number of rodents. It is necessary to add bait to the cessation of eating.

The bait works better when the bait is eaten in small portions for 4-5 days.

SAFETY MEASURES: after working with the bait, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Do not use in areas of possible contact with food. The antidote is vitamin K1. Store in a dry, warm place, out of reach of children and pets.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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