Containers PETI baits

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100 mm
125 mm
40 mm

Purpose: placement of mouse baits.

They are used in the deratization of the premises of catering establishments, food industries, children's institutions, warehouses and other objects, where the placement of deratization supplies by the open method is prohibited.

Rodent bait station:

Peti bait station is designed to control mainly mice, due to its small size. This product is on the international market for many years and has achieved excellent results at different levels. It can be used with different types of rodenticides.

It has a key and a protection system that prevents people to open the lid with the hands.

Conceived with a water-proof system. The constant quality control ensures greater efficiency with high performance in the fight against pests.

It’s made of high quality polypropylene.


Plastic box with a structure designed to fully capture small rodents. Has a security system which prevents an opening of the lid by hand. It features a locking system and security system for blocks of bait.

Overall dimensions: 100х125х40  мм.

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