Glue traps

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Glue traps

Glue traps are special tools that are placed in residential and commercial premises, greenhouses and on open ground to protect people and cultivated plants from harmful insects and rodents.

Adhesive traps are among the most effective means, they are presented in several varieties, each of which differs in purpose.

Traps for rodents.

They are used in the fight against mice and rats. Presented in the form of plates treated with an adhesive substance on both sides and inside. If a mouse or rat falls into a trap, they stick securely to it and get stuck. Such traps attract rodents, the advantages of this means of control include:

- environmental friendliness;

- safety (can be placed in places where food is stored;

- practicality (the traps are completely ready for use, there is no need to apply the adhesive yourself);

- long term (the plates do not lose their qualities, even if they are in an open state for more than 100 days);

- absolute safety for both people and pets.

Placement of glue traps for rodents will be appropriate near walls and partitions, burrows, in other places where traces of mice and rats are observed.

The company "Spetstekhnologiya" also offers sticky traps (huts) from cockroaches.

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