Adhesive plate for GP30 lamps

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          Principle of operation: The plates for the insecticidal lamp have a layer of glue on top, which firmly traps all mosquitoes, flies and midges. The insects will be attracted by the light of UV lamp. It is well known that insects are attracted by UV light. The adhesive plate is suitable for such devices as: Insecticide lamp "GP-30". The adhesive plate is replaceable and must be replaced in case of insect contamination. The frequency of replacement can be several weeks. Unlike high-voltage analogues, the sticky base plays two roles at once: a trap and a collection point.

            Application: To begin with, you need to remove the protective film from the adhesive plate and install it in the insecticidal lamp. Then turn on the lamp. After that, mosquitoes, midges and flies die by sticking to the plate.

            Size: 200*470mm. 6 pcs in a box.

            Additional information: They are suitable for premises where the use of devices with "artificial lightning" against insects is prohibited by fire safety regulations, for example, with a high level of dust, explosive substances, flammable gases and other components that can cause explosion due to a spark.

            Manufacturer: Portugal.

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