Glue trap for catching mice (non-poisonous).

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Glue trap for catching mice (non-poisonous).

Application: detection and capture of mice.

We recommend placing one or two glue traps per 10 square meters. Glue traps must be checked every day. If the rodents did not get into the trap within one day, it is necessary to move the trap to another place. Place the trap in places where mice have been observed (under batteries, near baseboards, in buckets near garbage, under the stove, near walls, near pipes, near food storage areas, etc.).

Glue traps are a convenient, effective and proven mean of protection against rodents. The trap is safe for people and pets, does not contain any chemical components!

Use: can be used for various objects, for domestic and professional use, in residential and non-residential premises, in the food industry, in medical and children's institutions, communal facilities, greenhouses, warehouses, shops, basements, etc.

Additional information: The glue trap is small in size, it is also convenient to install it under furniture. The glue remains effective for three months. Ypu can use food attractant to increase the effectiveness of the glue-trap. Place a piece of food, such as cheese, on the edge of the surface covered with glue.

Size: 22*10.3 cm.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Country of manufacture: Ukraine.

Buy a glue trap and get an effective mean of rodent control.

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