Bait station - Rock

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240 mm
200 mm
110 mm

Purpose: placement of baits for mice and rats.

They are used for deratization of premises of public catering enterprises, food production facilities, child care facilities, warehouses and other facilities where the placement of deratization baits by an open method is prohibited.

Bait stations are made of high quality shock-resistant plastic, stable and securely closed with a key. The security system prevents accidental opening of the station. Suitable for rodent control of all sizes. Station contains system for bait application in side drawer with a wire to hold the bait. The extraction of bait by rodents is minimized. Container bait is not available for pets. The containers have a long service life.

Each unit includes 1 horizontal wire hold the bait, key, adapter and stake for ground anchorages.

Overall dimensions: 240 x 200 x 110 mm.

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