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The product against bed bugs, absolutely safe for people and the environment

Advantages of using the product:

- absolutely safe for people, animals and the environment;

- high efficiency;

- lack of resistance;

- no odor;

- easy to use, no additional equipment required.

A product of organic origin based on amorphous silicon, which perfectly absorbs moisture. Moving pests are covered with powder. Silicon powder, coming into contact with insects, settles on the cuticles, destroys the protective layer of wax, which prevents evaporation of moisture. Bedbugs dehydrate and die within a short time. To control bedbugs, it is necessary to treat bedbug detection sites with powder, namely the floor of the bed, the legs of the bed, baseboards, all possible cracks and crevices, dusty corners, gaps behind cabinets and paintings.

Use: 2-5 g per square meter. In most cases, one thorough treatment of the room is enough. In case of severe contamination of the room, re-treatment is possible in 1-2 weeks.

Application: Wear a protective mask, respirator and gloves before use. Shake the vial before use. Apply to possible insects. A clearly visible layer of the product should be used.

Storage: The product should be stored in a dry place away from food, out of reach of children and pets.

Made in Italy for "Spetstechnologia Ukraine" Kiev, st. Degtyarevskaya 25/1, tel. (044) 483-31-71,

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