GP30 Insecticide lamp

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  • Power (W): 30 W
  • work area m2: 60 m2

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530 mm
230 mm
92 mm

GP30 Insecticide lamp against mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.

    High quality insecticidal lamp for the protection against mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects made in Portugal.

    Lamp with UV light from mosquitoes and flies 30 W. Insecticide lamp for the control and destruction of mosquitoes, flies and almost all types of flying insects. An electronic device attracts flying insects using UV light emitted by insecticidal devices. Insects stick to the sticky screen.

    Using an Insecticide Lamp: A flying insect lamp can be used almost anywhere there are pesky mosquitoes or flies. Caring for mosquito and fly lamps: All lamps must be replaced, which in this case are consumables. Insecticidal cigars are replaced once a year before each summer season or after 6000-7000 hours of operation. The insect lamp is periodically cleaned of dust and the adhesive screen is changed.

    Installation and arrangement of the flying insect lamp: Place the mosquito and fly repellent at a height of about 2 m from the ground, choose the darkest place in the room, this will enhance the effect of the insect repellent.

    Technical specifications:

    - Current consumption 30 W;

    - Action area 60 m2.

Dimensions: 205x350x92 mm.

Power, W
Power (W) 30 W
Action are
work area m2 60 m2

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