Glutrep - a container for mice and insects

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140 mm
73 mm
43 mm

Glutrep - a container for mice and insects

Used to monitor mice and crawling insects. The container is placed on the route of the mice, where traces of their vital activity were noticed. It can be used both at home and in factories, public catering facilities, and hotels for catching pests. A special sticky screen is installed in the trap. A mouse or insects stick to it. The container is mandatory for use in food factories, cafes, restaurants, schools and other facilities where the use of the HACCP system is necessary. The container protects the sticky screen from dust, rain and increases the useful life of the sticky screen.

Advantages of a mouse trap (monitoring system):

- Ease of use;

- without the use of poisons, biocides and chemicals;

- meets the requirements of HACCP;

- safe for children and animals;

- hygienic application;

- high quality plastic.

Dimensions: 140*73*43mm.

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