Gel "Global" (tube 100g)

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Purpose: desinof cockroaches.

Active ingredient: chlorpyrifos, modern contact insecticide of a wide range of action.

Method of action: The action of an insecticide is called contact, which means that the cockroach, in contact with the gel deposited at the treatment site, becomes infected with the active substance, but does not die immediately, but carries its grain to the places of insect accumulation and infects the entire population. Thus, only a few individuals who have come into contact with the gel are able to destroy a large number of cockroaches.

Dosage: the gel is ready for use.

Additional information: The gel is available in a metered tube. Weight of 100 grams is sufficient for quality treatment of residential and industrial premises up to 60 square meters. square meters.

The uniqueness of the insectiside is due to special additives and release form in the form gel, which makes it easy to apply the drug and eliminates its rapid drying.

It is subject to processing of places of accumulation of cockroaches and ways of their movement: plinths, covers pipelines, ventilation grilles, lower surfaces of tables, surfaces behind cabinets and other furnishings and equipment.

Despite the high poisonous effect of the drug, "Global" is not a hazardsfor large pets - cats, dogs and more.

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