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The German manufacturer of the Global gel against cockroaches chose chlorpyrifos as the active substance of the drug, which belongs to modern broad-spectrum contact insecticides.

The action of the drug is aimed at the direct destruction of cockroaches.

Mode of action: contact-intestinal.

Dosage: the drug is ready for use.

Additional information: Gel (paste) is produced in a metered tube. 

The uniqueness of the drug is due to special additives and the form of release in the form of a gel, which allows convenient application of the drug and excludes its rapid drying. The action of the insecticide is called contact by the manufacturers, which means that the cockroach, coming into contact with the gel applied to the treatment sites, becomes infected with the active substance, but does not die immediately, but carries its particles to places where insects gather and infects the entire population.

Thus, just a few individuals that come into contact with the gel are capable of destroying a large family, terrorizing your personal territory.

Before starting to use the Global gel, the tube with the product should be held in the hands and carefully kneaded, giving the contents additional plasticity. Places of accumulation of cockroaches and the ways of their movement must be treated: plinths, casings of pipelines, ventilation grills, lower surfaces of tables, surfaces behind cabinets and other items of furniture and equipment, the lower part of wash basins, all surfaces under sinks, walls behind heating devices, in pantries - racks, in utility rooms - lockers for storing clothes.

When carrying out disinsection in rooms with a large number of cockroaches, the rooms adjacent to them are treated. Despite the highly poisonous effect of the drug, "Global" does not pose a particular danger to large domestic animals - cats, dogs, etc., although it is better to prevent their contact with poisonous substances to minimize risks.

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