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  • aluminium phosphide: 56%

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For persons who have legal permission to work with pesticides!

Purpose: Systemic fumigant with a wide range of action for fumigation of stored goods.

Recommendations for use: the fumigant is used according to the recommendations in the table.

The fumigant is approved for use in Ukraine subject to compliance with regulations and requirements of environmental legislation.

The tablets are spread evenly over the storage area of ​​the products on cardboard or polyethylene stands using an automatic dispenser, probe or manually. Upon contact of the fumigant with moisture, phosphine is released - a toxic explosive gas. The maximum concentration of phosphine in the air of the working area = 19 mg / m3, the lower limit of explosion - 26.15 - 276 g / m3 (1.79 - 1.89% by volume). The fumigation process takes place in a sealed room.

After completion of fumigation, it is necessary to get rid of phosphine residues by natural or forced ventilation. Admission of people - after full ventilation in 7 days. Sales - 20 days after fumigation in the presence of phosphine residues not higher than MDR.

Measures and means of neutralization of fumigant residues and destruction of containers: The container, which is intended for decontamination, is partially filled with water. To reduce surface tension, add detergent.

Then add the powder remaining after decomposition of the drug. Never pour water on the powder residue! Thoroughly mix the remains of tablets or pellets with water. The resulting gas must not be inhaled. If no more bubbles form, the water can be dumped. Due to the partial spraying of the powder, it is necessary to wear protective clothing and respirators.

Manufacturer: Detia Freyberg GmbH. (Germany).

Active ingredients
aluminium phosphide 56%

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