Flycatcher (trap for flies and wasps)

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Flycatcher, trap for wasps and flies.

Purpose: catching flies, wasps, and other insects.

Mode of action: insects enter the trap and cannot get out on their own.

Additional information: put bait in the container (soured meat or fish broth, fermented juice or jam - for wasps), add water, stir and close the lid. Then pull out the catcher with holes to ensure free access for insects into the container. The container is recommended for use in gardens, retail areas (fruit markets), outdoor cafes and restaurants. For effective use, the catcher must be placed at a height of 2 m, using a special mounting hole. How does wasp bait work? Wasps, like bees and hornets, have an instinct for social behavior. They live in nests, which represent huge settlements, where they breed offspring in the summer. To maintain life in the nest, wasps constantly search for and bring food. But, unlike bees, wasps are unpretentious. They are not always attracted to flower nectar. In fact, the wasps bite off small pieces of food, bring it to the nest, where they cover it with saliva, consuming it after the fermentation process has begun. Therefore, slightly decomposed food in the trap provides suitable food for such insects.

A few tips: Hang these wasp traps in sunny places. This placement will give more fermentation. Take your time. You will be able to see the first insect corpse no earlier than in a week. In the future, she will be able to work more efficiently. Do not be afraid. The smell of mash from the trap is felt only in close proximity to it.

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