Ecotrap (trap for flies and wasps)

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Eco-trap, trap for wasps and flies.

Purpose: catching flies, wasps, and other insects.

Wasps have their own role in nature. They are of great benefit in the fight against pests that destroy crops. However, when they build their nests near human homes and begin to pose a danger to people and pets, the wasps themselves become pests.

Our company offers traps for wasps and flies that are placed on plastic bottles.

Mode of action: insects enter the trap and cannot get out on their own. Additional information: Plastic bottles can be used as containers. Put bait (fermented jam, sweet fermented compote or juice, bread kvass) into the container, add water, mix and put on the catcher. Not only wasps and hornets get into the trap, but also flies, cutworms, moths and other insects. The container is recommended for use in gardens, in retail areas (fruit markets), on balconies and terraces of residential buildings. The catcher has a hole for fastening (in a suspended state).

A few tips: Hang these wasp traps in sunny places. This placement will give more fermentation. Take your time. You will be able to see the first insect corpse no earlier than in a week. In the future, she will be able to work more efficiently. Do not be afraid. The smell of mash from the trap is felt only in close proximity to it.

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