Pirimor-Smoke generators

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What is Pirimor?

Pirimor is a highly effective insecticide. It contains the active substance pirimicarb and belongs to the category of toxic carbamates that have an inhibitory effect on cholinesterase.

Pyrimor is effective in the fight against aphids in greenhouses on the following plants:

- black, red, white currants, grapes, strawberries and raspberries;

- green salad, spinach, chicory;

- peas and beans;

- cucumbers, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes;

- cabbage, zucchini, kohlrabi, cauliflower;

- radish, beet, carrot;

- celery and parsnip;

- flowers, herbs;

- composition of beets, in the case of processing, realization is possible after 14 days.

Why is it advisable to use Pirimor?

Pirimor has a specific effect aimed at combating aphids; this selective (selective) action means that Pirimor either does no harm at all or causes little harm to other insects. Thanks to this, Pirimor is an effective insecticide in environments where natural predators are present.

Studies have shown that Pirimor does not harm such beneficial insects as: predatory mites, predatory wasps, hoverflies, hoverflies, ladybirds (ladybirds), reticulata, beetles, earwigs, predatory beetles, spiders of various species

Dosage:A smoke bomb is used for a volume of 700 m3. As a rule, such a checker has better penetration rates of the digestible substance when used on crops. You can increase the dispersion of smoke with the help of fans. Before entering the premises, it is necessary to put on respiratory protective equipment.

How to use the product: the product is ready for use.

Premises should be treated in the absence of people, pets, birds, and fish. Limit air exchange in the room as much as possible (tightly close windows, doors). Take the required number of smoke grenades.

1. Before opening, shake;

2. Place the generator on a clean, heat-resistant surface with dimensions of at least 1.5 x 1.5 m2;

3. Open;

4. Take out the bag with pellets for ignition;

5. Remove the inner label completely;

6. Set the pellets on fire until they begin to emit smoke;

7. Throw one burning pellet into the generator through the central hole in the disc.

Room processing time is 6 hours. After processing, it is necessary to provide 1 hour of ventilation. Do not enter the premises within 4 hours from the moment the checkers are set on fire without protective clothing and respiratory protection.

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