Actellic-Smoke bomb

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  • pirimiphos-methyl: 22,5%

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Active ingredient: pirimiphos-methyl 22.5%

Packing: Smoke generator 90g

The choice of professionals for the fumigation of warehouses.

Does not require special equipment.

Field of use:

- Treatment of premises, containers, vans, which are used for transportation, storage of grain and food products;

- Treatment of commercial and warehouse premises;

- Treatment of granaries and elevators;

- Can be used for treatment of ships holds according to recommendations of International Maritime Organization.


The use of smoke generator ACTELLIC should always be preceded by thorough cleaning of room to be treated. Evacuate all people and livestock and close all ventilators, windows and doors. If more than one generator is required, distribute them evenly on the floor before lighting. Shake each generator sufficiently to loosen the contents before opening. Remove the lid and light the exposed tip of the fuse with a match or lighter. Do not remove the fuse igniter. 

- Shake before opening;

- Place it on a cleared heat-resistant surface at least 1.5 x 1.5 m2;

- Open;

- remove bag of igniter pellets;

- remove label completely (and cardboard ring 1 kg only);

- Light igniter pellet until smoking;

Drop 1 smoking pellet into generator through center hole in disc

Complete ignition rapidly working towards the exit. When igniting more than one generator or in situations where it is not possible to vacate the treatment area immediately after ignition, wear suitable protective clothing (coveralls) and suitable respiratory equipment. Leave the room closed for 24 hours. Ventilate thoroughly for at least one hour before working in the room.

Advantages of use:

- Possibility of treatment of hard-to-reach places;

- Small residual amounts, acceptable by the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission;

- Does not require special equipment;

- Fast action;

- High persistence on inert surfaces, and thus a long period of activity, which is very important against storage pests;

- Low cost of treatment per square meter.

Types of pests-subjects to smoke generator ACTELLIC: rust-red flour beetle, saw toothed grain beetle, grain weevil, flour moth and grain mite.

Rates of application:  maximum individual dose - one generator per 570 m3.

Manufacturer: Octavius Hunt Ltd, UK

Active ingredients
pirimiphos-methyl 22,5%

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