DET, 1 L, insecticide (active substance deltamethrin)

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  • deltamethrin: 0,17%
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Purpose: preventive pest control and direct extermination of synanthropic insects: cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, red house ants, flies and mosquitoes (processing of landing sites).

Active ingredients: Deltamethrin - 0.17%; esbiotrin - 1.55%; tetramethrin - 0.33%

Method of action: contact-intestinal insecticide.

Preparation of working emulsion: A working emulsion is prepared immediately before use. The consumption rate of the drug "DET KE" during spatial processing it amounts to 0.3–0.8 ml per 1 m3.

For the preparation of working aqueous emulsions, water of room temperature is used. To obtain a working solution, water is poured into a container with the insectiside.

The working emulsion is prepared in two stages:

1. apply working solutions of an aqueous emulsion with a ratio of 1: 5 ("DET ke": water). Take the calculated amount of the insecticide “DET KE”, add the prepared water in a ratio of 1: 1 and mix thoroughly (1-2 minutes) until a homogeneous emulsion is obtained;

2. Add the remaining water to the resulting emulsion and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous working solution is obtained.

Additional information: when using thermal aerosol generators, the introduction of "DET ke." with an oil-based carrier (diesel fuel, vegetable oil, hydrocarbon solvents). The insectiside "DET KE" mixed (if necessary) with an oil-based carrier in a ratio of 1: 1 to 1: 5.

Active ingredients
deltamethrin 0,17%

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