Extermination of rats

The destruction of rats is a necessary measure that allows you to get rid of harmful rodents, which not only cause harm, but are also carriers of various infections that cause complex diseases. Pest control is relevant for private houses, cottages, farms, poultry farms, shops, public catering enterprises, warehouses and other premises. It is quite difficult to get rid of rats on your own, so the ideal solution would be to order a professional extermination service from the Spetstekhnologiya company. With high quality work, the price of the procedure is favorable.

The set of procedures consists of: - From preventive deratization, which prevents the penetration of rats into the premises and their reproduction. - From exterminating deratization. It involves finding places where rats live, destroying them with effective drugs. During deratization in public catering enterprises, food factories, stores selling food products, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, live traps, glue traps and glue from rodents are used indoors.

Deratization is carried out using high-quality products of our own brand. These are rodent control concentrates Ratindan, Ratindan-M, Vetobrom, and ready-made baits (grain, paraffin briquettes) Ratid-1 and Ratid-2. Our specialists come to the facility at a time convenient for customers, we provide a guarantee for deratization procedures, all work is carried out in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

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