Repelling moles

         Repelling moles
          Moles are a significant problem for owners of suburban areas. These small soil-dwelling pests can cause significant damage to agricultural crops and spoil the appearance of a garden or homestead.
Independent control is ineffective, so the destruction of moles must be carried out by a special service that uses advanced techniques and the best drugs in its work.
Mole control services in Kyiv are provided by our company Spetstekhnologiya. We take an individual approach to solving each client’s problems and select the most effective methods based on the characteristics of the territory.
Types of deratization
There are several methods of controlling moles:
    - Mechanical. Involves the use of special mole traps and traps. The use of traps will be effective if there are only a small number of moles in the area. Traps and mole traps are installed near active molehills after they are discovered. The use of electronic repellers. With this method, no harm is caused to the animals, since ultrasonic devices are absolutely safe; they simply drive rodents away from the territory.
   Chemical. It involves the use of special baits; chemical methods of deratization in the fight against moles also include:
    - fumigation (This method using fumigants is often used to treat medium- and large-sized earthen areas);
    - aeration (chemical treatment of all mole tunnels and burrows with gas, which drives moles to the surface for further catching. Work is carried out using weak chemicals that only drive pests to the surface, where they will be caught).
      What do we offer to clients
       You can order professional extermination of moles in your garden, garden and summer cottage on the website of our online store. We offer competitive prices for pest control procedures of any complexity. In our work we use products from the German concern “Detia Degesh”: “Phostoxin 45” and “MoulFree”.
       Specialists visit the site at a time convenient for the client. During the work, methods that are effective and safe for people and pets are used.

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