Degesch Plates

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  • magnesium phosphide: 56%

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For persons who have legal permission to work with pesticides!

Active ingredient: magnesium phosphide 56%.

Packing: 117 g. 

Function: extermination of all pests of stored foodstuffs species and their larvae (granary weevers, rice weevils, flour beetles, flat bark beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, rustic shoulder-knot moths, pea weevils, bean weevils, Indian mealmoths, Mediterranean flour moths, Angoumois grain moths, flour mites, as well as a number of quarantine insect species).

Mode of action: the plates begin to outgas poison with a brief, but sufficient, delay after the packaging is removed.

Dosage: the product is ready to use.

Additional information: Degesch Plates and Strips are formulated to treat packaged goods and bulk products, such as cereals, rice, seeds, animal feeding stuff, coffee, cocoa and cocoa beans, tea, herbs, nuts, cotton, jute, tobacco, beans, flour, spices, chocolate, candy and others. Degesch Plates and Strips can be successfully deployed in almost any storage facility as long as the storage units are appropriately sealed off. They can even be used at lower temperatures and under dry conditions if the exposure time is lengthened. It does not affect the aroma and taste of the treated foodstuffs. It does not affect the germination of seeds and leaves no toxic residues on the treated produces.

Active ingredients
magnesium phosphide 56%

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