Cypex Smoke generators

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Active ingredient: Cypermethrin 6.75%

Packing: Smoke generator 31 g

Unique remedy for disinfestation performance in hard-to-reach places without any additional equipment.

Function: insecticide, used for the control of insects in private houses, commercial premises, industrial premises. Can be used against cockroaches, spiders, beetles, fleas, triatomids, lice, moths, flies, mosquitoes.

Composition: Cypermethrin 6.75% (active ingredient) potassium chlorate (auxiliary ingredient).

Directions for use Igniting the generator: Evacuate all people and livestock and close all ventilators, windows and doors (except exit door) before treatment. Block all known leakages. If more than one generator is required, distribute them evenly on the floor before lighting. Take the required number of smoke generators. Shake each generator sufficiently to loosen the contents before opening. Remove the lid and light the exposed tip of the fuse with a match or lighter. Do not remove the fuse igniter. The fuse will smoulder and take about 20 seconds to light the generator. Complete ignition rapidly working towards the exit. When igniting more than one generator or in situations where it is not possible to vacate the treatment area immediately after ignition, wear suitable protective clothing (coveralls) and suitable respiratory equipment. Leave for not less than 2 hours. After treatment is complete, open windows and doors and ventilate thoroughly at least for 1 hour. Smoke generator may be used for disinfestations only indoors.

Method of action

Cypermethrin paralyzes nervous system of both larvae and adult insects; retains long on the treated surfaces (20-30 days), because of resistance to high temperatures and UV rays.

Rates of application:

Flying insects: one generator treats up to 1000 m3;

Fleas and bed bugs: one generator treats 250 m3;

Other crawling insects (such as ants and cockroaches): one generator treats 62.5 m3.

Advantages of use:

- Released smoke penetrates into most remote corners and all hard-to-reach places;

- Does not require special equipment, easy to use;

- Leaves no trace on furniture, equipment;

- No need to move the furniture, equipment before use;

- Residual effect is up to 4 weeks;

- Minimum residues of the insecticide on the surface;

- Low cost of treatment per square meter.

Examples of the successful use of smoke generators “CYPEX”

- Destruction of bedbugs in a private house;

- Destruction of cockroaches in the library, without damaging and moving of books;

- Plant premises desinsection on metal equipment without risk of corrosion;

- Desinsection of sports clubs, warehouses and commercial premises.

Manufacturer: Octavius Hunt Ltd, UK

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