Apollo bait station

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325 mm
200 mm
120 mm

Appointment: placement of baits for mice and rats.

They are used for the deratization of premises of public catering establishments, food production facilities, children's institutions, warehouses and other facilities where the placement of deratization baits by an open method is prohibited.

Made of high quality impact-resistant plastic, resistant and securely closed with a key. The security system prevents accidental opening of the container. The layout of the bait in containers is hygienic. Container’s bait is not available for pets. Containers have a long service life. Plastic box with a structure fully designed to capture all sizes rodents. It has a safety system that prevents lid opening with your hands. It has a double locking system as well as a safety system for the bait blocks. Side opening.

Composition: 1 removable internal tray; 4 wires for placing bait in vertical position; 1 wire for laying bait in horizontal position; can be used with G3 glue boards or with 2 Super Trapper traps.


1. Remove the key that is at the bottom of the box.

2. Place the key in the lock and turn to open.

3. Place the wall adaptor that is inside the box.

4. To use with rodenticide, remove the wire, put the bait and place again the wire, this time with the bait on, in the same place as before.

5. To use with glue boards, place it inside at the bottom of the box and make sure it is locked.

Overall dimensions: 325 x 200 x 120 mm.

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