Products of “SPETSTEKHNOLOGIA” enterprise

Code Name Active ingredient Packing
s018 Pheromone traps for all kinds of moths N/A Individual container
s017 Degesch Strips magnesium phosphide 66% 20 strips each weighting 117 ă = 2340 g
s016 Degesch plates magnesium phosphide 56% 117 g
s015 Phostoxin 45g aluminium phosphide 56% Flasks weighting each 0.045 kg (75 tablets)
s014 Phostoxin (tablets) aluminium phosphide 56% Metal (aluminum) bottles each weighting 1 kg (334 round tablets each weighting 3 g).
s013 Magtoxin (tablets) magnesium phosphide 66% Metal (aluminum) bottles each weighting 0.9 kg (300 round tablets each weighting 3 g).

Code Name Active ingredient Packing
11 “Kotyara”, ready-to-use poisonous bait against rodents bromadiolone 0.005% 100g, 1kg
10 “Vetobrom», composition for further preparation of rodenticide baits bromadiolone 0.25% 1 l
9 Brodivit Brodifacoum 0.25% 1 kg
8 Bromavit Bromadiolone 0.25% 10 l
7 “Krysinaya smert’ ” (“Rat’s death”) Brodifacoum 0.005% 0.2 kg
6 Ratid-2 (paraffinized briquettes) Diphacinone 0.015% 0.065 kg
5 Ratid-2 Diphacinone 0.015% 1 kg
4 Ratid-1 (granules) Diphacinone 0.015% 0.1 kg
3 Ratid-1 (grain) Diphacinone 0.015% 0.1 kg
2 Ratindan-M Diphacinone oily solution (0.75%) 1 to5 l
1 “Ratindan” Diphacinone 0.5% 5 kg, 10 kg

Code Name Active ingredient Packing
S035 Granular bait against flies “MUSCA BLU” acetamiprid (0.5%) 1 kg, 5 g
S034 Smoke generators ACTELLIC pirimiphos-methyl 22.5% Smoke generator 90g
S033 Smoke generators CYPEX Cypermethrin 6.75% Smoke generator135 g
s030 Whepo Beta-cypermethrin, 10% 1l, 5l
s011 “Det” (spray) Deltamethrin 0.02%, Tetramethrin 0.038%, Esbiothrin 0.017% 175 ml
s010 Riapan Permethrin 0.5% 5 to 10 kg
s009 “Prostor” (“Expanse”) Bifenthrin 2.13%, Malathion 41.89% 5l
s008 DET emulsion concentrate Deltamethrin 0.17%; Esbiothrin 1.55%; Tetramethrin 0.33% 1l to 5l
s005 “Uboynaia sila” (“Killing power”) Fipronil 0.05% 75g
s004 “Volshebnye kapli” Gel (“Magic drops” Gel) Fipronil 0.02%, Zeta-cypermethrin 0.25% 30g
s003 “Troynoy udar” Gel (“Triple attack” Gel) Cypermethrin 0.1%, Diazinon 0.3%, Imidacloprid 0.1% 30g
s002 Khlorpirivit (Chlorpyrivit) Chlorpyrifos 50%, Cypermethrin 5% 1l
s001 Arrivo Cypermethrin 25% 5l

Bait containers
Code Name Active ingredient Packing
s021 “Coral” container N/A N/A

Adhesive traps
Code Name Active ingredient Packing
s023 Adhesive trap for rodents N/A Individual container
s022 Adhesive house-trap for cockroaches N/A individual container

Code Name Active ingredient Packing
S036 New generation ultra low volume fogger AN-GAE FOG 2.5
s031 350M phosphine alert gas monitor
s032 Paper phosphine detector strips Booklets containing 120 strips
s028 Full-face mask
s027 Coveralls for fumigation, deratization and disinsection
s026 Vectorfog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger
s025 Detector tubes 0.1-1.0 ppm (phosphine)

Ecofriendly means of insects control
Code Name Active ingredient Packing
s029 Aquatain AMF Polydimethylsiloxane 500 ml, 1 l