Detia Degesch GmbH (Germany) - fumigants Phostoxin, Magtoxin, Degesch Plates/Strips

PlastDiversity (Portugal) bait containers

Octavius Hunt ltd (Great Britain) smoke generators Cypex Actellic

Bleu Line SRL (Italy) insecticides

UPL (India) insecticides

Tae Il Company (South Corea) thermal fogging, ULV foggers

Kukbo Science (South Corea) - insecticides

Zhejiang Bestwin Group Limited (China) glue trap for rodents and insects

Agro-China () - insecticides

BrownY ltd (Great Britain) thermal fogging

Our partners and clients also are:

- the Cargill, company
- the Limagrainv, company
- the Glencore, company
- National bank of Ukraine,
- "UPECO - Ukraine Pest Control" , LLC
- the "Hoverla" , enterprise
- "Sedna-Agro" , LLC
- the "Eridon" , company
- the "Agro-svit" , company
- the "Agrokhim" , company
- the "Privat - Alliance" , company
- "Specspektor" , LLC
- the "Kres" , company
- "AgroHim Center" , LLC
- the "Ukragroservice" , company
- Scientific production association "KIN" , Ltd

Preventive disinfection enterprises of all regions of Ukraine, enterprises and companies working in the field of plant protectants production and trade, fumigation units of Ukraine are also partners of our enterprise.