Mole killers Phostoxin 45g

The moles themselves are not rodents – they do not gnaw the plants, but creating passages in the soil, undermine their roots upwards, which are then withered. Most importantly the poisoned baits do not exterminate the moles. These little animals are predators, and their food is live worms, beetles and larvae.

Therefore the best way to deal with moles is by using modern remedy Phostoxin (production of Detia Degesh) mole and rodent killer.

Phostoxin tablets are thrown into the freshly opened molehills at a rate of 5 to 7 tablets per burrow, the open spaces are closed with stones, straw or something similar (in order not to strew the tablet with soil), then the earth is rammed so that to block animals’ exits. It is also necessary for the tablets to be put into the passages, which can be detected by a probing rod in a radius of 3 meters (9.8 feet) from the molehill, as the mole rookery is usually located under the uncultivated area, either by having dug the entrance or by inserting the tablets into the opening made with a probing rod.

Tablets, getting into tunnels that have been dug by the animals, start to outgas under the impact of moisture and oxygen inside the tunnels. Gas reaches the farthest corners of the extensive system. Animals that are underground receive a lethal dose of phosphine. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the product response time starting from the first opening of the tin; during this time it is essential for the tablets to be fully distributed.