AQUATAIN AMF is a unique silicone-based liquid for mosquito control. It spreads rapidly across the standing water surface and forms a very thin film. The substance has a physical-mechanical action, retaining its effectiveness for at least 4 weeks.

Silicone PDMS compound does not change such water parameters as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, hardness, content of ammonia and nitrogen. In particular, the amount of dissolved oxygen is within the limits suitable for aquatic flora and fauna survival. Silicone PDMS may contact with drinking water. It does not cause allergy.

Aquatain AMF has an effect solely at physical-mechanical level. The thin silicone film formed on the water surface after applying, disrupts mosquitoes development on immature stages (larvae and pupae), and also prevents egg laying by female mosquitoes.

Scope of application and dose

Aquatain AMF is for use in standing and still water: lakes, ponds, rice fields, sewerage, water drainage, manholes, gutters, water tanks, ditches, etc.
Apply 1 ml of substance per square meter of lentic water surface. The liquid rapidly spreads over the water body surface, forming a thin film. 
There is no need to use special equipment and personal protection equipment for those who carry out the application.

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