10.06.2015 AQUATAIN AMF
AQUATAIN AMFis a unique silicone-based liquid for mosquito control. It spreads rapidly across the standing water surface and forms a very thin film. The substance has a physical-mechanical action, retaining its effectiveness for at least 4 weeks.

14.07.2014 Mini thermal fogger Vectorfog BY100
Vectorfog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger is powered by standard butane/propane gas cartridges.  The basic principle of mini-thermal fogger is fumigation or gassing, elimination of plant pests and...

14.07.2014 Coveralls

Coveralls for fumigation, deratization and disinsection.

05.07.2014 Bait boxes
To comply with the sanitation norms, we offer youthe universal bait boxes for rats and mice.

15.06.2014 Mole killers Phostoxin 45g
The moles themselves are not rodents – they do not gnaw the plants, but creating passages in the soil, undermine their roots upwards, which are then withered.