The company was founded in 1993.

Field of activity is fumigants trade; production and trade of rodent control products; cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, wasps, products for storage pest control and plant protectants trade; as well as service on deratization, disinsection, disinfection and fumigation.

It is a member of fumigation association.

In 1996 for the first time in Ukraine "Spetstekhnologia" enterprise registered the production and use of pesticide on imported raw materials, namely rodenticide "Ratindan" .

Our brands are "Ratindan-M" (concentrate is used against voles), ready-to-use rats and mice baits "Ratid-1" and "Ratid-2" (grain, paraffinized briquettes, granules). Our products have been approved and have been widely used for fourteen years already by the Ukrainian preventive disinfection enterprises, cleaning companies and other firms working in the field of deratization.

Since 1998 "Spetstekhnoligia" enterprise is the only official distributor of "Detia Degesch GmbH" (Germany) in Ukraine. As a result of this many years' cooperation such fumigants as Phostoxin, MagtoxinDegesch Plates, Degesch Strips made in Germany invariably keep a leading position on the quality of processing grain and other products intended for export and storage in Ukraine. "Degesch Plates", "Degesch Strips" are unique products for treatment of packed goods and bulk stock, such as grain, rice, seeds, animal feeds, coffee, cocoa, tea, herbs, nuts, cotton, tobacco, flour, spices and chocolate. The diffused gas does not leave toxic residues on the produces, penetrates through packaging materials and does not affect the produce taste and aroma or seed germination. "Phostoxin" 45g is an indispensable product used against moles.

"Spetstekhnologia" enterprise carries out direct supplies of products and equipment from Portugal (PlastDiversity comapny), Italy ("Bleu Line SRL") and England.

We constantly strive to implement European standards in our work. Thus, by the initiative of our company a new regulation has been registered in the sanitary-hygienic standard on the mandatory use of bait boxes on food production, child welfare institutions in order to prevent accidental poisoning.

The company is constantly looking for new products for the most effective processing of disinfestation, disinfection and deratization.

Thus, the main novelty of our company this season is a product AQUATAIN AMF , a unique ecological means of mosquito control. Italian silicone-based product is easily applied on the reservoir surface and ensures 4 weeks protection against mosquitoes.

Being a direct importer of a number of products and equipment, we can guarantee quality of the assignable services for deratization, disinfection and disinfection, as well as find an individual approach to the needs of each client. For example, the mini-thermal fogger (VectorFog) will help to solve the problem of disinsection in hard-to-reach places and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Lightweight, portable, powered by gas cartridges mini-thermal fogger can also be used for the fumigation of beehives against Varroa.

"Spetstekhnologia" enterprise is a regular participant of annual international exhibitions "Interagro" , as well as other regional agricultural exhibitions. For active participation in exhibitions and conferences, the employees of our enterprise have been awarded numerous diplomas and certificates.

The motto of our enterprise is "In quality lies our strength!"